Tactical Pocket Sand

Watch out, world! We're packing pouches with a punch. This little bag of sand may just be your secret weapon. Remember Dale Gribble from King of The Hill? Yeah, like him, you too can catch foes by surprise and turn sneaky espionage into a grainy situation. This hip and handy drawstring pouch is loaded with two 1-ounce bags of 'take-that' granules. Not just any sand, mind you. This is top-of-the-line defense dirt, perfectly crafted to catch would-be attackers unaware. Say goodby...


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Wedge Pillow Headboard

Say goodbye to the era of stiff wooden headboards, and say hello to our Wedge Pillow Headboard – your new all-time favorite cuddle buddy! Perfect for maximum lounging indulgence, bookworm marathons, and Netflix binges. It is versatile enough to fit anything from a cheeky twin size to a roomy California king. Be spoiled for choice with its seven stunning shades - so vibrant, they might just outshine your PJs! So come on, add a dash of squishy comfort to your beloved bed – your back, neck, ...


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Dad Joke Button

Roll out the barrel of hilarity with the magical Dad Joke Button! This little guy is hilarious...with a capital 'HA'! It's the Bee's Knees of humor delivery, even when papa bear isn't around to tickle your funny bone. One push of the button is all it takes to unleash a dad joke that's punnier than a room full of bad comics. With a collection of over fifty corny zingers, the Dad Joke Button is all fun and games until someone rolls their eyes so hard, they see thei...


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Tesla Megapack

Step right up folks! Meet the Tesla Megapack, your ticket to a greener tomorrow! This eco-friendly powerhouse is more than a little bit obsessed with helping nations give the royal wave to their renewable energy targets. So, how does it work, you ask? Well, buckle in, because you’re about to find out. Our Megapack quite expertly hoards away the energy produced by its buddies - the sun and the wind. Yeah, you read it right. Sunbathing and windy kite-flying days aren't just leisure act...


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Batting Swing Trainer

Ready to transform your future baseball star into a home-run-hitting machine? Just a little time with our Batting Swing Trainer will get those mini-tykes trading in their t-ball style for big league swings. This beauty is like their own personal coach, polishing up their swing and stance game. Plus, it's the ultimate fetch-avoider: they can smash out up to 500 swings an hour without a single chase-down-the-ball sprint. It's basically a home run hero maker!


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Palos Verdes Estate Mansion

Ever wondered what Rod Stewart's bathroom looks like? Or where Joe Montana brushes his teeth? Enter the Palos Verdes Estate Mansion. This ain't no regular house, folks. We're talking a whopping 32,176 square feet of unapologetic opulence! It's the kind of place where getting lost while going to get a midnight snack is a real possibility. You'll find 7 bedrooms (in case you have a sick pillow fight habit) AND 9 bathrooms, because there can never be enough places to be...


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2023 Toyota Prius

Step aside folks, the Prius is strutting its stuff back into town, all dolled up for the new age. "First plug-in hybrid Prius," it whispers nonchalantly, as if it's not the coolest thing since sliced bread. Set to make its grand entrance in 2023, this eco-goddess isn't your average wallflower. Buckle up for a 220-horsepower joyride that makes every highway its own catwalk. But here's the kicker, our Prius friend went through a major glow-up. It ditched the bookish l...


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Tesla Bot

Welcome to the future, where Tesla's shaking things up again. Meet their latest brainchild, the Tesla Bot - the ultimate piece of tech that's cuter than Wall-E, more efficient than a Roomba, and probably better at doing your chores than you are. Standing tall (well, as tall as your average teen, at 5'8"), and weighing less than a sumo wrestler's breakfast (125 lbs to be exact), this AI-powered dudebot is more than capable of keeping up at your pace, trundling along at...


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Japanese Damascus Blade

Introducing the culinary samurai of the wilderness world: our Japanese Damascus Blade! Ready to duel with any forest foe, this razor-sharp companion is hand-forged from stainless steel so sturdy it could have been borrowed from a skyscraper. To add a bit of finesse, we've capped it off with a suave rosewood handle - because even rugged outdoorspeople appreciate a touch of sophistication. But wait, there's more! For those moments when convenience is key, it snuggles comfortable in it...


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