Trachyandra Tortilis Succulents

Meet Trachyandra Tortilis, the plant equivalent of a disco dancer from the 70s! This fascinating succulent groovy moves in an upward, wavy fashion that’s bound to grab attention. It’s the John Travolta of the plant world, rocking the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ vibe right in your living room. With its mysterious beauty, it’s like having an alien house guest (but without the probing). It'll be the charismatic center of attention, outshining any other furniture in your room. Who needs...


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Scorching Hot Pepper Vials

Warning: these little vials aren't holding magical fairy dust or wishes from a genie... they're packing the solar-power punch of some of the spiciest peppers on planet Earth! Think you're tough? Well, let's see you take on the flame-throwing Carolina Reaper or masala-mocking Ghost Pepper. Or perhaps you fancy a dance with the Trinidad Scorpion and its stingingly good flavor? The Moruga Pepper might try to fool you with its exotic name, but beware, its heat knows no bounds!...


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But Did You Die Hangover Kit

Survived a party night of legendary proportions only to do battle with the dreaded 'morning-after' monster? Fear no more - we've got just the thing to lift your spirits (pun wholly intended)! Enter the "But Did You Die?" Hangover Kit - a laugh-out-loud tote bag of remedies so potent, they'll make your hangover seem like a bad joke! Forget a spoonful of sugar, our kit makes the hangover go down with some real, no nonsense, anti-hangover artillery. From Vitamin C ...


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DIY Jetpack Costume

Get ready to blast your mini-me's playtime into the stratosphere with their very own, homemade rocket jetpack! This handy-dandy PDF is chock-full of details and secret sauce that any craft-loving parent needs to transform everyday materials into a supersonic fun-machine. With this, your pint-sized astronaut's imagination will skyrocket, just like their pretend flights to Mars. Don’t forget the invisible space helmet, of course, safety first!


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The Original i Pad

Let's be honest, your office crew deserves a treat. Why not surprise them with their very own Original i Pad! Now, don't get your wires tangled, we're not talking about Apple here. The i Pad we're referring to is perfect for scribbling down those random light bulb moments or even grocery lists. This delightful office staple is as original as it gets, bringing a burst of laughter and a dash of chill to the work grind. Always ready and willing, this little fella is your go-t...


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Everybody Poops 410 Pounds A Year

Have you ever wondered what to do while sitting on the old ceramic express? Here's the scoop, no pun intended. With ‘Everybody Poops 410 Pounds A Year,' your bathroom breaks will transform from dull to delightful. Brimming with answers to enlightening questions, such as "Who's the genius behind the first flushing bog?" and "Why does the corn get all the fame and not your chicken dinner?" Never again will you feel lost and alone amidst the toilet paper and ...


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Obsidian Black Bath Bombs

Bathtime just got a serious upgrade! Picture this: you, luxuriating in obsidian black waters, the aroma of heaven floating in the air. Thanks to these obsidian black bath bombs, that dream can be a reality. These bath-time rockets of relaxation are available in a killer range of scents, each more delightful than the last, and they're all vegan-friendly - jackpots, right? And the magic doesn't stop there. These dark saviors come in various sizes and remember, the bigger the bomb, the...


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Star Wars Bubble Saber

Alright, Jedi Masters! Picture this at your little Padawan's Star Wars bash - a brigade of kiddos armed with their very own bubble sabers! Yep, you heard it right. We're merging galaxies here! You just need to download the pdf (Don't worry, it's easier than defeating Darth Vader) and it’ll magically pop out three epic lightsaber hilt designs. Lo and behold, you are now able to turn any humdrum bubble wand into a galaxy-defending, bubble-blowing weapon of fun! Bam! You...


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Air Guitar Strings

Get your day rocking and your crowd rolling with the sure-fire, rip-roaring charm of our exclusive air guitar strings! Whether you're an aspiring bedroom rocker or a seasoned stage strummer, these invisible beauties are your secret sauce to keeping that non-existent guitar of yours sounding like a dream (or not sounding at all). Want to keep the guitar gang jangle-ready? Get a one-pack, or if you're feeling like a real rock god, grab a ten-pack. These strings make the ultimate giggl...


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