The Glass Onion Home

Get ready to say "Wow!" about three hundred times. The One Bel Air Estate, obviously named by someone very modest, is not just your run-of-the-mill palace. Oh no, this ultra-posh mega-mansion is officially THE biggest residential showoff on the U.S. property records. It practically throws tantrums if it doesn't get the best views - so it settled for nothing less than stellar 360-degree panoramas of downtown L.A. and the Pacific Ocean. But the bragging doesn't stop there! W...


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The World's Most Expensive Home

Ever dreamed of playing Monopoly in real life and landing on Mayfair? Well, consider this one the "Park Place" of London, baby! This property is not just any old mansion, but the crowning jewel in the monopoly board of super-rich real estate - unofficially known as "the world's most expensive home". Nestled on four acres of lush, green, "Isn't British tea divine?" land in one of London’s royal parks (Yes, pals! The Queen might actually come over for t...


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Thierry Gaugain G Train

All aboard the G-Train! This isn't just any train, but an all-inclusive luxury playground on wheels! The genius Thierry Gaugain gives your regular choo-choo a major run for its money. Truly, what’s more fun than traveling in a 1,300-foot smart machine offering you the pinnacle of comfort and style? Imagine soaking yourself in a lavish spa or pumping iron in the gym while watching the countryside whizz by! Add to that, a dining car just a few steps away. What's on the menu? You as...


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Seabourn Venture Expedition Ship

Kick back and play Indiana Jones crossed with a James Bond villain, without ever giving up your five-star lifestyle. Welcome to Seabourn Venture Expedition Ship, the luxury liner that treats navigating to the Earth's hidden gems as a walk in the Central Park. Yep, you'll be venturing into the wild, remote nooks of the world, all while sipping your sunset cocktail. Your Instagram is about to blow up with selfies at stunning spots that are usually reserved for David Attenborough'...


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The One Bel Air Estate

Welcome to The One Bel Air Estate, the "It" palace of the US, so big it makes the White House look like a cute Airbnb rental. Its crown? Being America’s priciest and roomiest (hello, 21 rooms!) chill spot. We're almost running out of room counting the rooms! Now, we don't want to boast... Oh, who are we kidding? Of course, we do! Get ready for eyeball-popping 360-degree views of downtown L.A. one way, and the Pacific Ocean the other. So, whether you're team blue s...


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Tarpon Island

Whoever said money can't buy happiness hasn't laid their eyes on the grandeur that is the pad at 11900 River Road, also known as Cribs Worthy Deluxe. Once graced by the kings and queens of Jordan and later home to NFL bigwig Dan Snyder, this castle-of-sorts is perched high on a hill overlooking the serene Potomac. Fancy playing King or Queen for a day? Make an offer, if your wallet is as weighty as your dreams!


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Powder Mountain Dark Chalet

Escape to the Powder Mountain Dark Chalet, because who needs a five-star hotel when Mother Nature is putting on a show in Utah? Like an architectural rockstar, this crib impresses with its brutally hip, contemporary motif. It's the perfect backdrop for your Instagram shots - be ready to make your followers green with envy! Its interior is a real wolf in sheep's clothing, all decked out and modern yet undeniably chill. And did we mention the view? 'Sweeping landscape' doesn’t even begin to c...


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Mark Walberg's LA Estate

Hey, don't just dream of the A-lister life - live it! Ever wanted to walk a mile in Mark Wahlberg's shoes? You can do one better - you can lounge on his couch! If you barter some of your buried treasure, you can snag yourself his lavish LA fortress. Spread over an indulgent 6.2 acres, this humble abode boasts a cinema that would make Spielberg shed a happy tear and a two-story library that'd make Belle from Beauty and the Beast green with envy. Need to work up a sweat? Rally at...


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The Benjamin N. Duke House

Get ready to tickle your millionaire daydreams! Ever dreamed of playing host to a bunch of Manhattan's elite in a house that practically defines luxury? Step right into The Benjamin N. Duke House. Located right across the street from Central Park and chilling out on swanky Fifth Avenue, this house puts you smack-dab in the middle of the NYC high life. 'Dating from 1899' is our estate agent-speak for "this house is so cool, it traveled through time just so you could live ...


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