Be A Nice Human Pin

Forget diamonds, pins are a girl's (or guy's) best friend! And not just any pin, we're talking about the exceptionally wonderful, 'be a nice human' pin. Its profile is as small as a chocolate chip, but oh boy, its impact is fitness influenc...


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Emergency Survival Vegetable Seeds

Ever feel like you've stepped into a post-apocalyptic movie and you're starring as the surprise underdog hero? Well, we've got just the thing for you! Behold our Emergency Survival Vegetable Seeds! Ideal for even those of us whose thumbs ar...


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Gnobody Loves You Card

Looking for a hilariously affectionate way to declare your adoration? Look no further! With our "Gnobody loves you like I do" card, you can say 'I love you' with a grin and a giggle. This eye-catching card sports a mischievous, hand-drawn d...


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Prescription Stemless Wine Glass

Listen up, folks! Got a health care hero in your life who needs a hearty laugh and a hefty pour of their beloved grape juice (we mean wine, obviously)? Check out our cheek-helper on deck: the prescription stemless wine glass! This ain't y...


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Nasa X-59 Quiet Supersonic Jet

Meet Nasa's X-59 jet, your ultimate speed machine with an 'inside voice'. This bad boy loves going super-fast, zooming at a sky-tearing Mach 1.42 and happily frolicking at an altitude of 55,000 feet – basically the mountain Everest's shy ...


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18 Wheel Drive Electric ATV

Get ready to crank up the fun with this 18-wheel electric ATV, brought to you straight from the clever noggin of the Finnish company '18wheels'. Kiss goodbye to foot blisters and sore muscles from roughing it in the wild - now you can ventu...


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Holiday Cheer Booster Shot Glasses, S...

Shake up the yuletide vibe with the Mealivos Christmas Spirit Shot Glasses - a splash of festivity in a set of 6! It’s not just about shots, it’s about the holiday spirit (get it?) wrapped beautifully in an array of vibrant colors. Use ...


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The Pocket Pillow

Ever dreamt of creating your own mini movie theater right in your lap? Say hello to the Pocket Pillow! This bad boy lets you kick back, relaxant, and binge-watch your favorite shows without having to lift a finger (or an arm), because who h...


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Drinking For Two Mocktail Book

Who says you can't jazz up your beverage routine just because you've thrown alcohol out of the cocktail party? "Drinking for Two" is here to soberly declare "Challenge Accepted!" This little gem does not only roll out around forty-five tant...


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