Prank Gifts

Looking for a gift that's guaranteed to make everyone laugh? Please look no further than our choice of prank gifts. Whether you're shopping for a friend's birthday or just looking to add some whimsy to your life, our collection has something for everyone. From whoopee cushions to fake lottery tickets, our inventory includes presents that will leave your loved ones in stitches. So why settle for a boring, run-of-the-mill gift when you can give the gift of laughter? Shop our prank gifts now and get ready to be the life of the party.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boa...

Are you brave enough for a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat adventure right in your living room? Buckle up, buckaroos! Dive into a hilariously horrifying round of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre board game where the stakes are nothing less than your virtual life! Take a role as a member of the kooky, doom-delivering Sawyer family (hey, every party needs a pooper, right?) and give your friends a proper freak-out. Or join the good guys and scramble valiantly for virtual survival. Just remember: it's al...


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Dipped Hot Wing Soap Bar Set

Did someone order delightfully deceptive drums and flats for the restroom? Claude Monet might've had water lilies, but you, my friend, can have a full-blown buffalo soap wing platter right in your bathroom! The homeowners' rulebook never mentioned that soap can't resemble succulent hot wings, did it? These soap bars are the Picasso of the bathroom world, guaranteed to make your guests do a double-take. I mean, who wouldn't want to wash their hands with golden nuggets of saponified poultry (no...


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Giant Michael Myers Inflatable

Hey, thrill-seekers! Ready to add a Halloween horror twist to your garden? Well, gear up to spook the socks out of your entire neighborhood with this ginormous Michael Myers inflatable. Slaying in at a whopping twenty-five feet when fully pumped up, this mega-sized menace from your favorite John Carpenter's masterpiece is bound to put the "whee" in your Halloween. Town resider or scare tower? You decide!


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Skull Stress Ball

Squish away your worries and freak out your faint-hearted friends at the same time with this skull stress ball. Just give it a good squeeze, and voila! A delightfully disgusting, blood-soaked worm pops out of the eyeball socket to greet you. It's the perfect blend of stress relief and grisly giggles. Now who said managing anxiety can't be fun – and a little macabre?


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Life Size Animatronic Martian

So you want a zany buddy who's not from around here, eh? Well, say "hello" to our Life-Size Animatronic Martian! Standing at a whopping 6.5 feet tall, this little green buddy might just be taller than half your friends list. A creations inspired by "Mars Attacks!" this Martian is motion-activated —standing guard, ready to zap away the boredom (or those pesky trick-or-treaters who dare to come knocking). But wait, there's more! This Martian also doubles as a light show and a sound machine, ...


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Chernobyl Garden Gnome

This isn't your grandma's garden gnome. Meet our Chernobyl garden gnome, the bouncer of your backyard, the titan of your topiaries. Outfitted in a permanent hazmat suit, he's averse to magic crafts and doesn't lose sleep over marauding mystical creatures. Forget roses and rakes, he's packing an AK-47, because pests can be peskier than you think. So, plant him near your petunias or station him next to your sunflowers, and sit back as he delivers maximum security in a minimum package. Perfect f...


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Scary Clown Helmet Cover

Roll on the road awesomely abnormal with this hilariously horror-show clown helmet cover. This goofy gear isn't just about chuckles! It comes in a one-size-fits-all model, made to ruffle feathers and LOLs wherever you zoom by. Perfect for tickling a funny bone, making kids giggle, and becoming the most unmissable roadster around. Road rage? Nah, under this wacky clown cover, there's only side-splitting joy!


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Realistic Silicone Tree Bar...

Step right up, nature lovers! Because, guess what? We're bringing the great outdoors straight to your living room with these squishy, squelchy silicone tree bark sheets. Now you can feel like Tarzan in the concrete jungle. Each sheet of faux bark has got a gruff tough-as-nails look on the outside but, surprise surprise, it's softer than a squirrel's belly on the inside! Built like an oak but feels like a marshmallow! So tough, even a termites' dentist would quit the job. So, whether you're wo...


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Twinkle Turkey Topper: Ligh...

Ready for a juicier twist on holiday hilarity? Hand over that tired old Santa hat and prepare to gobble up the style game with this plush turkey hat! Who says turkeys can't fly? With this super soft headgear, you'll be soaring through your festive activities! Light up like your grandpa's old Christmas tree (without the fire hazard) and watch as your fellow party-goers beam with delight. Replace the Kiss the Cook apron, and let your headgear do the squawking this year – you're the master of ...


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