Gifts Of Experience

What's better than a gift that provides an unforgettable experience? Absolutely nothing! That's why we've gathered the best in experiential gifts to make your present-giving unforgettable. From skydiving and wine tasting to critical thinking and problem-solving classes, our gift of experience category will give your loved ones something to appreciate for years. Whether you're shopping for thrill seekers or introverts looking to learn something new, we have the perfect gift for everyone on your list. So, go ahead and give the gift of adventure, learning, or relaxation, and get ready to see some happy faces!

Vook Electric Drift Trike

Hey there, thrill-seekers! Are you fed up with your monotonous daily commute? Meet the Vook Electric Drift Trike. It's a beast on three wheels that promises to spice up your travels from point A to point B. Prepare to feel the wind whip your hair as you spin into a dazzling 40mph. Saying this trike has some kick would be a gross understatement! And with an astonishing range of 110 miles, you can zoom around town all day without batting an eyelash (now, isn't that worth a grin?). City stree...


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BMW CE 02 Electric Scooter ...

Zip and zap through the concrete waves of your home turf with the BMW CE 02 eParkourer, an electric scooter that's cooler than a polar bear's toenails. As light as a feather (well, a 290 lbs one to be precise), this set of wheels turns city streets into your personal playground. Forget about the yoga - this is all the balance and flexibility you need! Tailor-made for city slickers from rookie riders to seasoned scooter veterans, it's about to become your one true ride. Let the good times roll!


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Apple Vision Pro CVR

Who needs a humble abode when you can have golden headphones that weigh more than a newborn baby? Say hello to the Apple Vision Pro CVR from our flamboyant friends at Caviar. This isn't just your garden-variety Vision Pro. Nope. This haute couture of sound comes pimped out with over 1.5kg of 18K gold. It's the stuff of Midas' dreams! We're not kidding, you'll need two hands to lift these babies onto your ears - a workout and a concert all in one. But wait, there's more! Featuring a headband...


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Artemis Glamping Studio

Glamping: You're doing it all wrong if you aren't doing it in an Artemis Glamping Studio. Think of it as your personal bubble against the world - one that laughs in the face of bad weather. Available in a couple of snazzy models, these domes are like the Swiss army knives of glamping world. Need a place to pen the next great American novel? Check. How about a hip guest house that'll have your in-laws actually excited to visit? We've got it covered. Got an urge for a pottery studio? You betch...


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The Amazing Race For Regula...

Ready for an adventure, but can't seem to drop your 100th episode of Netflix binge-watching? Here's the kick in the pants you need. Discover our "Amazing Race for Regular Joes and Janes!" It's just like that TV show, but with less camera-shy, six-pack abs displaying dudes and more fun-loving folks like you and me. Unleash your inner Indiana Jones as you hunt for hidden gems all around the globe, and be prepared to be wowed by the world. You'll compete with other wanderlusting warriors, and ...


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The Ice Hotel

Whoever said you can't be cool and cozy is probably super jealous of The Ice Hotel. Our abode of awesome, the Hôtel de Glace is the only chill spot in the States where you can literally chill, like ice-cold chill. This isn't your grandma's B&B, folks! Here, we've got 30 creatively carved rooms that change faster than a chameleon on a rainbow — each winter spins a whole new world of gripping themes. It's so unique, even Elsa would hit the 'book it now' button. So go on, swap your beach vaca...


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The Magic Cabin

Swap that modern, stuffy skyscraper for a pinch of countryside enchantment with the Magic Cabin. Who needs Wi-Fi when you've got this cutesy accommodation sprawled across three acres of French greenery? It's so picturesque, even the cows would be jealous! And although it may look the size of a chocolate truffle, let me assure you, it’s roomier than a kangaroo's pouch. Designed for two (perfect for you and your significant otter, wink-wink), your trip to the French wild, wild west... err... ...


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CudaJet Underwater Jetpack

Looking for a cheeky aqua adventure? Say hello to the CudaJet Underwater Jetpack! This little beauty lets you zip through the watery depths like a caffeinated dolphin. Forget about old fashioned swimming, because all you need is to strap this bad boy to your back! It’s got a battery life that lasts longer than your favorite sitcom (a solid 40-minute runtime), and it will take you deeper than any philosophical conversation ever could - up to 131 feet down to be exact. Plus, with a speed of 1...


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Custom Backyard Basketball ...

Say goodbye to your drab and dull backyard and hello to your very own version of basketball paradise! Get ready to transform that green patch out back into your personalized haven of hoops. Choose the court size as per your dunking desires, jazz it up with a color scheme that screams 'you', and adorn it with a custom graphic. It could be your team's logo, or your name - anything that gets you into the game-time spirit. So, start warming up and practicing those victory dances, because your bac...


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