Gifts For Couples

So, you've got a couple in mind that you want to surprise with a gift, or maybe you're part of that couple and want to drop a few hints to your significant other. Either way, you're in the right place. We've got a whole range of gifts that will put a smile on any couple's face - whether they're the type to cozy up with a movie or go for a spontaneous adventure. From personalized blankets to gourmet chocolate, we've got you covered. Trust us; you won't find anything else this good (wink wink). So, sit back, relax, and let's find you the perfect gift for that couple in your life (or for you and your boo!).

Wireless Wizard: Doubles th...

Don't cramp your style with annoying cables. Meet AirFly Pro - your trusty sidekick for a wireless life! Your AirPods must be housed within their case as they enter the VIP pairing mode. And a top-tip: play hide and seek with other Bluetooth devices when pairing on planes. Boasting top-tier Bluetooth and aptX Low Latency Codecs, it ensures your favorite tunes sound smooth. Having issues? Might be a clue to check the audio Sherlock! Plus, it suits those with a taste for the finer things in lif...


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Personalized Date Night Dice

Roll the dice, spice up your love life! Say goodbye to those "what should we do tonight?" debates. With this wickedly amusing Personalized Date Night Dice set, even a night-in can turn into an exciting adventure. These three cheeky wooden dice are engraved with zesty activities, scrumptious food types, and even post-dinner shenanigans. So, come on, lovebirds, let's roll to keep your relationship as fresh as a daisy and spontaneous as a flashmob proposal!


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Double Trouble Ugly Christm...

Sweatering for two this season? This Siamese Christmas sweater is your all-out ticket to a holly jolly time! The perfect balance of comedy and chic, let its quirky charm shine over a flirty skirt, sass it up with tights and strut those boots right into the holiday spirit! Plus, it's a one-size-fits-all delight that fits US 4-8, with room to shimmy! Oh, and did we mention it's as cozy as a Christmas hug from grandma herself? 100% acrylic and purely imported with love. Hand wash gently and pull...


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Humpback & Tandem Diver Nig...

You know how people say "sleep with the fishes"? Well, we prefer "sleep while lit up by the serene underwater beauty of a humpback whale and a tiny human trying to keep up"! With this Humpback & Tandem Diver Night Light, you can transform your bedroom into an underwater wonderland without getting your feet wet. Picture it - a gentle glow, a handcrafted piece starring either a scuba diver enjoying bottom time or a free diver holding their breath, marveling at the beauty of a majestic humpback ...


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Artemis Glamping Studio

Glamping: You're doing it all wrong if you aren't doing it in an Artemis Glamping Studio. Think of it as your personal bubble against the world - one that laughs in the face of bad weather. Available in a couple of snazzy models, these domes are like the Swiss army knives of glamping world. Need a place to pen the next great American novel? Check. How about a hip guest house that'll have your in-laws actually excited to visit? We've got it covered. Got an urge for a pottery studio? You betch...


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The Ice Hotel

Whoever said you can't be cool and cozy is probably super jealous of The Ice Hotel. Our abode of awesome, the Hôtel de Glace is the only chill spot in the States where you can literally chill, like ice-cold chill. This isn't your grandma's B&B, folks! Here, we've got 30 creatively carved rooms that change faster than a chameleon on a rainbow — each winter spins a whole new world of gripping themes. It's so unique, even Elsa would hit the 'book it now' button. So go on, swap your beach vaca...


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The Magic Cabin

Swap that modern, stuffy skyscraper for a pinch of countryside enchantment with the Magic Cabin. Who needs Wi-Fi when you've got this cutesy accommodation sprawled across three acres of French greenery? It's so picturesque, even the cows would be jealous! And although it may look the size of a chocolate truffle, let me assure you, it’s roomier than a kangaroo's pouch. Designed for two (perfect for you and your significant otter, wink-wink), your trip to the French wild, wild west... err... ...


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Just Married F*ck It List

Zoom through the highways of matrimonial bliss with your co-pilot and our "Just Married F*ck It List" book. Buckle up, adventurous lovebirds, this isn't just a worn-out page-turner. It's the napkin you scribble on after one too many margaritas, dreamily listing all the crazy exploits you two are going to dive headfirst into. With over sixty bucket-list-worthy ideas, it's waving a green flag for all you "badass couples"; ready, set, marital thrill, go! But buckle up buttercups, because we're ...


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Rubber Duck Floating Bar

Having a quacking good time by the water and need an ice-cold drink? Your thirst-quenching savior is here in the guise of a giant, adorable rubber duck. The perfect wingman for those long, relaxing afternoons on the water - this yellow buoyant buddy will keep your cooler bobbing by your side like a loyal pet. And who could miss that big, bold splash of yellow? Whether you're up close, or testing your eyesight from afar, this rubber duck floating bar is sure to be the most noticeable thing apa...


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