Chocolate Gifts

Do you know what they say? Nothing says "I appreciate you" more than a gift that's made of chocolate. And if you're shopping for someone who can't get enough of that sweet, velvety goodness, you're in luck because we've got a category just for them. Welcome to Chocolate Gifts, the place to be if you want to surprise your loved ones with a present that's sure to put a smile on their face. From decadent truffles to gourmet chocolate bars, our selection has something for everyone, even for that one friend who claims they don't have a sweet tooth (we all know they're lying). So go ahead, dive into our delicious world of chocolate, and find the perfect gift that'll make you a hero in their eyes.

Chocolate Planets Solar System

Get ready to chow down on the cosmos! These mouth-watering chocolate globes are crafted by hand from the creamiest, dreamiest 100% Belgian chocolate known to mankind (or Martian). They're painstakingly daubed to mirror our marvelous planetary pals out in the vastness of space – including our very own dazzling, daylight-dishing star. Warning: intense gravitational pull toward your taste buds!


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Handcrafted Milk Chocolate ...

Why bite into boring, run-of-the-mill candy bars when you can sink your sweet tooth into our handcrafted milk chocolate truffles? Freshly created by skilled chocolatiers and not machines, these gourmet goodies are so meticulously made, you'd think our team has tiny paintbrushes! Find a dozen delicious kinds tucked inside a thoroughly sleek box. And, wait till you lay your peepers on them—each one comes with a shockingly colorful outfit that will make your eyeballs dance! Go on, say che...


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Orange Creamcycle Marbled F...

Ready to give your taste buds the thrill ride of their lifetime? Buckle up and dig into our Orange Creamcycle Marbled Fudge. The slightly tangy, fully tantalizing orange flavor of this homemade sugary symphony is like a theme park for your senses. It’s delicate and airy, yet mysteriously holds its own – just like Grandma's hairdo on a windy day. You can land yourself a dainty 4-ounce teaser, a satisfying 8-ounce middleweight, or a full-on 16-ounce heavyweight. And you can always shar...


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Shake Shack Truffle Dining ...

So, you fancy a truffle-infused indulgence, huh? Well, my dear gourmet, stow away those fancy pants because Shake Shack's got you covered – and all without breaking the bank! For just a couple of crisp tens, you're on the road to Tasty Truffleville. Plant your chompers into a lip-smacking white truffle burger or, if you're more of a fungi-fan, the savory mushroom burger. Not enough truffle for your trouble? Fear not! We're tossing in truffle parmesan fries that'll h...


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Toblerone Variety Gift Box Set

Well, well, well... isn't it that sweet tooth of yours knocking on the door again? Satisfy it with a whacker of a chocolate experience! I present to you the Toblerone variety gift box set. Now, this ain't your ordinary chocolate box; this is Swiss brilliance tucked neatly into a classy package. Within it, chocolate fiends will find three - yes, three - delightful versions of that world-famous, triangle-happy Toblerone chocolate. So, surprise your favorite dessert devotee, or simply ...


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Chocolate Covered Scorpion

Craving an adventure? Grab your taste buds and strap into this sweet rollercoaster of flavor! We craft our exotic treats the way a skilled hair stylist works - with passion, precision, and a little bit of sass. Say "Howdy!" to our little mate - a delectable dessert scorpion, cloaked in dreamy chocolate. Picture this: taking a daring bite of this quirky, crunchy critter, swaddled in the creamiest of chocolate, him saying adios to his boring life in the desert and hola to your taste b...


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Kit Kat Blueberry Muffin

Sneak a peek at this! Picture this: binging on a bunch of luscious blueberry muffins but - plot twist - they're actually Kit Kats! This ain't your standard wafer-coated-in-chocolate deal. No siree! Its cloak is a lip-smacking, taste-bud-tickling blueberry muffin-flavored creme. It's the brainchild of some mad flavor scientist, specially created for those extraordinary people who just can't resist a sugary indulgence. Brace yourself, this is gonna be the ride of your life! ...


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Oreo Spooky Halloween House...

Why should gingerbread houses have all the fun? This Halloween, swap out the fairy-tale charm for some amusingly eerie vibes and let's weave a yummy horror story with Oreo cookies! With this kit, you and your little Captain Candy Corn will find everything Halloween needs - fright, fantasy, fun, and of course, Oreo's chocolatey goodness. The plot twist? Building this gastronomically ghoulish house might just be scarier...scarier delicious, that is! So don your witch hats, grab your k...


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Chocolate Chip Cookie Earrings

Get ready to be the tastiest talk of the town with these chocolate chip cookie earrings! They're so convincingly crafted from resin and clay, you'll have people drooling over your lobes. Warning: May cause intense cookie cravings, surprise bakery visits, and mad respect from the Cookie Monster. But hey, being this delectably adorned is totally worth it! Don't nibble on them though, they are for your ears, not your tummy!


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