Reality TV got you spooked more than the classic horror flicks? 😱 Think Freddy Krueger's reign of terror would be a welcome relief? Well, start hyperventilating in anticipation, folks, 'cos your dreams are about to be painted a glaring scarlet, akin to Freddy's iconic sweater! 🎃 Brace yourself for a Cameo call from Nightmareville's prime minister himself.

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, and this isn't some twisted dream state (or a chilling nightmare). We're bringing you ear-to-ear (literally!) with the godfather of gothic terror, our patron saint of the petrified, Robert Englund! Yep, the same guy who chills under that grungy brown fedora and sends shivers down your spine is here to lend you his eery ear.📞

Still can't wrap your head around it? Run around in circles, give yourself a good pinch, or toss a cold bucket of water over your head 🚿. Whatsoever it takes to make you believe, you're really going to be blabbering away with the spine-chilling legend behind the gut-wrenching legend. Trust me, buddy, this phone-call will redefine the phrase, "don't you dare fall asleep!" permanently. 😈

Amusing Fake Review: “I’ve choked on my popcorn during a Freddy Flick, but chatting with the man himself? Scary good. It's been weeks and I’m still pinching myself!” – Sally ‘Survivor’ Smith.

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